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Let’s learn a French phrase

Wow, my phone sucks.   Anyway, yesterday I was sitting in Starbucks waiting for R and attempted to post the following: Pour parcourir le monde – une gorgée à la fois. Parcourir means to cover (as in cover an area) and … Continue reading

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Cultural Secrets that I Know

Originally posted on you don't have to read v2.0:
Here are some cultural secrets that I know.  Enjoy. African Americans who you don’t even know are happy to greet you on the street in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a…

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Gateway to another time

We’re staying near Square Phillip in Montréal meaning the trek home is via McGill metro out into the basement and up to street level at La Baie.   In English Canada it’s know as The Bay short for Hudson’s Bay Company.  The … Continue reading

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Strange and Vaguely Disturbing

Something happened a couple of days ago that I’m still puzzling out. We’d finished breakfast at Lori’s Diner – the tiny, original one – and R was in a long line to pay.  I felt like a little air so … Continue reading

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Oh, the things we see

After finally getting so decent sleep,  we’re warming to SF. The Castro helped greatly I must admit.  Elsewhere the city seems to vary from outright seafood hostility… … to offers to be declined with a polite  “oh, some other time … Continue reading

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Hi There! — or — Why can’t I freaking sleep????

It’s Japan all over again. Time zone change makes Jim’s brain go wonkier than usual. Tablet on last legs so briefly: When the “Remarks” section of your boarding pass says “S S S S” you are in for the full … Continue reading

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Ready… Set…

R and I are taking a little trip to belatedly celebrate his 50th birthday.  We leave Friday for a few days in Toronto for a back-to-back production of …  Angels in America!!  We’re recreating my own experience all those years … Continue reading

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