Let’s learn a French phrase

Wow, my phone sucks.   Anyway, yesterday I was sitting in Starbucks waiting for R and attempted to post the following:

Pour parcourir le monde – une gorgée à la fois.

Parcourir means to cover (as in cover an area) and is related to a word used in English a great deal in the last few years “Parcourt” but the verb doesn’t imply the danger.

Gorgée means gulp or a swallow and is related to the word for throat (gorge as in ‘sore throat’ – mal à gorge)

and à la fois means “at a time.”

So, the Starbucks table ad translates as “Covering the world – one gulp at a time.”


About jmcanuck

I like long walks on short piers and teaching Tai Chi to badgers. In my spare time, I make by own band-aids. I'm proudly Canadian as long as no one minds.
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2 Responses to Let’s learn a French phrase

  1. jmcanuck says:

    Or maybe not as my phone seems to have eaten the text. Ill add it from home.

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