Gateway to another time

We’re staying near Square Phillip in Montréal meaning the trek home is via McGill metro out into the basement and up to street level at La Baie.   In English Canada it’s know as The Bay short for Hudson’s Bay Company.  The company has been in business since 1670 –  that’s not a typo, we canucks have been in retail for over 330 years. Continuously.   

Retail being retail, the chain has lost a lot of its glory and as you exit its ancient brass doors onto Ste Catherine St you may notice this.


A place for smokers to strike matches before the days of the ubiquitous Bic lighter. This is not to say smoking has fallen out of favour. In fact having been in Toronto, San Francisco and Montreal over the last few weeks I would say the one thing that they share in common is the everyone smokes as if it CURES cancer.

Tomorrow is our last full day before a long sleepy train ride home Sun into Monday.  We’re going to walk old Montreal. I may step into a basilica or two if my shoes don’t smoke badly.


About jmcanuck

I like long walks on short piers and teaching Tai Chi to badgers. In my spare time, I make by own band-aids. I'm proudly Canadian as long as no one minds.
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One Response to Gateway to another time

  1. Urspo says:

    I love relict things like this.

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