Strange and Vaguely Disturbing

Something happened a couple of days ago that I’m still puzzling out.

We’d finished breakfast at Lori’s Diner – the tiny, original one – and R was in a long line to pay.  I felt like a little air so I stepped outside. 

The moment I stepped out, a fellow with a twin stroller and a slavic accent said to me: “You have an honest face.  May I ask you a favour?”  I thought “oh boy it’s too early” but said I’d listen.  This is when it got surreal.

He said he had to move his car – pointing at on very near – because he was about to get a ticket. (SF must have an anti meter feeding rule.)   He asked if I would mind staying with the stroller while he drove around the block. The stroller  …  with two children in it.  I said my spouse would be a few minutes so sure, I guess.  As it was raining, he’d draped a towel over the stroller which he pulled back to reveal two children, maybe 6 – one using an iPad and the other using some sort of portable game console.  He said to one:  “I have to move the car.  This fellow will stay with you until I get back.”  I admit to being a little nervous at this point but the girl gave him a perfect ‘yeah dad whatever’ eye-roll and I felt a little better.  The girls went back to their consoles, he replaced towel, said thanks and headed for the car. 

At this point R arrived and was more than a little concerned about what we were in for.  But… the guy pulled into traffic, the parking gods smiled and he got a new spot near the end of the street.  I watched him get out, find change, feed the meter and jog back up the street  to us. 

He thanked is profusely and repeated  “I knew you had an honest face.”  We wished him a good visit and left.  

Very surreal in an age when someone my age visiting a toy store without a child/grandchild is given the stink eye.  I dunno, maybe I should have read him to filth for leaving his girls with strangers.  I’m still thinking about this days later. 


About jmcanuck

I like long walks on short piers and teaching Tai Chi to badgers. In my spare time, I make by own band-aids. I'm proudly Canadian as long as no one minds.
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One Response to Strange and Vaguely Disturbing

  1. Old Lurker says:

    The car parking strategy may be questionable. I am not sure leaving his kids with you was. We are all so frightened of children-snatchers these days that we forget that most people are mostly good most of the time. Judging that you are safe because you have an honest face might not have been the best criterion, but most of the time he would have chosen right.

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