Ready… Set…

R and I are taking a little trip to belatedly celebrate his 50th birthday.  We leave Friday for a few days in Toronto for a back-to-back production of …  Angels in America!!  We’re recreating my own experience all those years ago – Millennium Approaches as a matinee,  a light supper and Perestroika in the evening.   Ah, Soulpepper Theatre, thanks so much.


Greetings Prophet!  The Great Work Begins!

We’re recovering on Sunday – Ralph and Ansuya, don’t make lunch plans!   Sadly I couldn’t score tickets to a few end-of-the-festival TIFF offerings. (We’d like to have caught Gravity but it’s sold out.)

Monday we head for San Francisco.  I’m aware I must NOT refer to it as “San Fran”, no worries.  After hanging there for just over a week or so, it’s back to Montréal for an extended weekend and then home.

Neither of us have been to SF so we’re looking forward to doing all the touristy things – at the very least the trip will let us visit three Chinatowns in two+ weeks.


About jmcanuck

I like long walks on short piers and teaching Tai Chi to badgers. In my spare time, I make by own band-aids. I'm proudly Canadian as long as no one minds.
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One Response to Ready… Set…

  1. Urspo says:

    everybody loves SF; I hope you find it enchanting.
    I’ve seen AOA so many times I could be the understudy for every role. Our dog Harper is named after the AOA character.

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